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Dentures are an excellent affordable option when it comes to replacing several missing teeth. They restore function, aesthetics, and phonics, and can enhance your comfort and confidence. Dentures are available in two base materials, Acrylic (plastic) or Chrome Cobalt (metal).

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, such as differing price points, comfort, and durability.

Denture Maintenance/Reline

When a denture is issued, it is made for the current structure of the oral cavity at that time. Over weeks, months, or even years, the gums can begin to recede and the denture may no longer fit as securely. This can result in a loose denture that may be uncomfortable to wear, or present eating challenges. To address this, most often a reline is required. This entails an impression taken of the mouth with the denture so that it can be professionally remodelled for a perfect fit.


A dental bridge is a fixed option for replacing missing teeth. It involves preparation of the teeth either side of a missing tooth to serve as support for the tooth replacement. The entire bridge is made of a tooth-coloured ceramic that looks and feels like natural teeth. Bridges are particularly effective when the supporting teeth have already been heavily restored, as they can benefit from further protection with crowns.

Generally a bridge can be made over three teeth with one missing in the middle, or up to two missing teeth in the middle if the conditions are appropriate.

Visit us for a consultation with one of our denture and cosmetic experts to discuss which option will best suit you.

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