Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Teeth

Our focus is to provide you with complete and detailed advice. Wisdom teeth typically appear between the ages of 17 and 25. If they emerge unobstructed, generally no issues will arise.

A number of problems can occur if they are impacted or if their eruption is incomplete

  • food and bacteria can become trapped under a flap of gum tissue
  • Localised gum infections known as pericoronitis can result.
  • Efficient home hygiene can become almost impossible
  • Problems can lead to the loss of the neighbouring molar if untreated

Some of these issues can be managed in the short term by thoroughly flushing and cleaning the problem areas; but many will not resolve unless the offending tooth is removed.

We specialise in patient comfort

Dr Louwen Heng has extensive experience in wisdom teeth and surgical procedures, with an ability to expertly execute treatment carefully and conservatively - meaning shorter healing times and improved patient comfort. With his expertise even the most challenging removals can be performed at Westlake Dental under local anaesthetic. A more convenient option where patients can walk or drive home.

If preferred, removal of wisdom teeth can be performed under general anaesthetic at the hospital day surgery.

The procedures may vary from surgical removal to a simple extraction. Many of our patients have found it more painless and straightforward than they had imagined.

We always prepare an appropriate pain management strategy for a comfortable transition through the healing process.

Contact us about a no-obligation personalised wisdom tooth consult today.

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