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Cosmetic & Makeover

Your health must always come first…

For any cosmetic options whether simple, full make over or even complicated rebuilding of the teeth… health comes first. Healthy gums, mouths and teeth are your first priority to get the best lasting result. Once done you have the foundations of a healthy great smile in place. Depending on your individual circumstance and what you would most like to have, we discuss which options you would prefer in terms of treatment types and time frames. Most people only need simple steps, and for others it’s more involved.

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Let’s first consider simple steps which work for most people we see. This approach can transform most smile very fast and is relatively inexpensive. This is where a mix of tools of the trade and artistry combine to transform smiles. Amazing results can often happen with a single appointment.

These generally involve:

  • Minor touch ups of old fillings or removing stained fillings visible at the front or slight bonding adjustments.
  • Perhaps whitening teeth to brighten and make the smile more youthful. A good guide is to get the teeth approximately as white as the white of the eyes for the most youthful result.
  • Slight adjustments (called cosmetic contouring) which is a quick and painless way to transform many smiles.

This is where more detailed planning, experience and technology come to the fore. The most useful approach is with digital smile design, an easy way to plan your best smile and have a good idea what the end result is before you start! This is where your personality and facial proportions and even your bite help to guide the best design outcomes. Like building a house, you need a clear plan for design and function before starting.

If this is the direction you would like to go for your best dream smile, then bring in some photos from magazines or online to show us what you like so we can map together how to get there. We will ensure the most conservative approach possible is taken. We don’t want you losing good healthy tooth and most treatments like this can be done with little to no loss of tooth tissue.

Some of the techniques here are:

  • Tooth bonding, single appointment makeover technique!
  • Straightening teeth, Invisalign or faster ways like CFast (often straightening in as little as 3 months!)
  • Veneers, where thin handcrafted porcelain as thin as a contact lens can be bonded to your existing teeth to make them more stunning and youthful
  • Gum lifts where too much gum and not enough tooth is visible.

Sometimes more sophisticated options and planning are called for. Life, time, fears or accidents can get us to a point where it’s more involved. Should you find yourself in this situation then let us help guide you through the options, work out the treatment that is best suited to you and take the first step towards a better healthier smile.

Whether its missing or broken teeth, root fillings or advanced gum disease, grinding or you just don’t like your teethwe are here to help. This is where knowledge, technology and good planning are all lined up for you. It’s your mouth and it must be done the right way. Too many mouths are ruined through a lack of foresight… rushing in and doing things without factoring the bite, habits, joints and principles of art and design.

We may need:

  • Bridges: a way to quickly replace missing teeth with a long lasting solid option
  • Implants: state of the art titanium and porcelain option to replace teeth
  • Root Canal fillings:  the nerve needs replacing in your tooth
  • Dentures: cheaper option mainly for when many or all the teeth are missing
  • Grinding splints: for when you grind your teeth in your sleep
  • Sleep apnoea treatments: a range of splints to help get back to a healthier sleep pattern.
  • Specialist collaboration: we work with top Brisbane specialists to give you the best

How we look and feel about ourselves, particularly our smile can have a big impact on how we feel about ourselves.

I recall one patient who was in every outward way highly successful but his wife sent him in because he didn’t smile, not even on his wedding day! We even struggled to take a photo of his smile so we could plan what to do.

His treatment was a single appointment session using bonding technology to transform his smile and as it turned out… transform how he saw himself. He used to walk in smiling after that and his wife told us he never stopped. I asked him about that and he grinned and said “well I guess that’s good thing isn’t it?” At a conscious or sub conscious level as in his case attractive healthy smiles can have a profound effect on our personal, workplace and social lives.

So where to from here?

Book a complimentary consult to discuss your needs and see what options are available so you are in the best possible situation to decide what works best for you.

We’ll work out a customised plan suiting your decisions and lifestyle. You need to feel good about your choice! We look forward to meeting you…

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