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Tooth Straightening

“A recent survey found over 80% of people thought someone with a nice smile was honest”

Teeth Straightening – Invisalign / CFast ( you have options)

Ever wanted straight teeth but the timing or look of braces put you off? Wanted something more discreet to suit your lifestyle? At Westlake Dental we can guide you through the choices to achieve your best unique smile.

Top of many adults’ wish lists is straight white teeth. The whitening aspect is usually simple and fortunately there are some great options for straightening now. Many adults have been put off from the idea of “metal braces for years” so it’s exciting to see the results of newer technologies at work. Invisalign being one of the most well known. Nearly invisible thin plastic shells placed over the teeth help guide the teeth into a more ideal smile and chewing position. For faster results CFast is a great way where most straightening of the front teeth can often be complete within three to four months!

Straightening teeth used to take years with big metal braces or could be done with crowns by drilling the teeth down! Now teeth can often be straightened in a few months using aesthetic braces like CFast or discreetly over time with the almost invisible Invisalign. Another great option is combining technologies… a mix of some straightening, bonding and whitening… and the magic happens… in a very short time your smile can be transformed!

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The exciting news is we are now moving from Level 3 to Level 2 measures in dealing with the Covid-19 virus affecting us all starting Tuesday April 28. The benefit to you is the restrictions are greatly lessened.

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