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Crowns, Implants and the Complex

Life happens!

And along the way we may lose teeth so it’s great to know there are several options available to you. Sometimes we need the “advanced menu” of choices to help you get to your healthy smile. From simple inexpensive denture options, porcelain bridges (which span the gap) and state of the art implants. If you lose one or more teeth we can listen to what is important to you. Sometimes people just need to chew steak, sometimes their confidence is affected, and often it’s for overall health and a balanced bite

….whatever the reason we will help plan the best choice to suit you. Whichever path you decide on, we will ensure the best techniques are made available to you.

You need it to work, you need it to last!

Teeth can crack or break for many reasons and dentists often crown the teeth (cut the tooth to a stump and put a cap over it) but at Westlake Dental we prefer crowns as a last resort. Most cracked and broken teeth can be treated with more lasting and conservative treatments that are kinder to the tooth and your pocket!

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Using the latest advanced three dimensional X-ray imaging, you can see with us where and why an implant needs to go in a certain place. Some are fairly straight forward when there is lots of bone whereas sometimes we need to help your body make new bone first.

Then we place a titanium screw (called an implant) into the bone and then build a tooth onto it. Most of the time it will look and function just like your original tooth and maybe better! We will explain all this in more detail to your satisfaction along with all the pros and cons for each option. The results can be life changing!

There are times when the nerve in a tooth dies. This is usually related to an accident or deep fillings and tooth decay. Fortunately there have been many advances in this field even in the last few years. With the latest technology we can save almost every tooth! It’s expected that most people in Australia will live to 90 years old… so we want to help you keep your teeth till then and have them in the best condition possible the whole time.

Symptoms of a tooth needing this therapy often involve the tooth being tender to tap, dull generalised ache in an area that is sometimes hard to locate. With any symptoms like this, the sooner you see us the better!

Some teeth are not in a very helpful position especially impacted wisdom teeth. Some people can have ongoing ulcers or pain and often damage to the backs of the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth… and you can’t feel it till it’s really bad! These impacted teeth require a more skilled approach to remove with as little discomfort afterwards as possible.

Know also that if they need to come out, generally the earlier you do it the easier they are to treat.

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Hello! Thank YOU for taking the time to read this. The lockdown is getting easier! We hope you are all keeping well. Not out of the woods yet but we are heading back to a more familiar situation.

The exciting news is we are now moving from Level 3 to Level 2 measures in dealing with the Covid-19 virus affecting us all starting Tuesday April 28. The benefit to you is the restrictions are greatly lessened.

(Anyone with possible flu symptoms or high temperature will still need to advise us and we will guide you through your options.)

We are open Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 12pm AND will take calls till 9pm. Look forward to seeing you!

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