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TMD Grinding Issues

Another fairly common condition that often isn’t diagnosed early enough is TMD (Temporomandibular disorder). This can come in a wide range of presentations:

  • Pain around the mouth, face or ear
  • Clicking or locking jaw
  • Heavily worn or cracking teeth
  • Tension headaches or even dizziness
  • Tired jaw muscles

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… If you experience any of these symptoms be sure to mention them to us. These symptoms can have other causes so we need to ensure correct diagnosis by a thorough examination. There are numerous options available to you for treatment depending on what symptoms you experience. Most can be treated by jaw muscles and even splint therapy.

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Hello! Thank YOU for taking the time to read this. The lockdown is getting easier! We hope you are all keeping well. Not out of the woods yet but we are heading back to a more familiar situation.

The exciting news is we are now moving from Level 3 to Level 2 measures in dealing with the Covid-19 virus affecting us all starting Tuesday April 28. The benefit to you is the restrictions are greatly lessened.

(Anyone with possible flu symptoms or high temperature will still need to advise us and we will guide you through your options.)

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